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Ancestors - Leave Your Stories

"The blood lines of dogs and horses

are more carefully recorded than those of most humans."

No idea who said this, but I think it is true. We are in the land of my ancestors, showing our eldest granddaughters real deep family roots. It's magic watching them fall in love witha a place I revere and feel connected to - first through lineage, then photos, then old letters, then grandparents' stories, earlier visits of my own and now my descendants.

There is a richness in knowing your story. Not all of us are blessed ( with a double edged sward) of having documentation of or early ancestors. I have photos and stories and authentication on my family to follow both sets of grandparents back to the 1600's.

Someone along the way decided to save letters, newspapers clippings, documents and photos that made their way to my hands. I treasure these connections and hope future generations will too.

What photos, stories do you want to pass on?

Get it written or date the photos NOW.

Reflect on what is important to you.

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