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You can not go back and change the beginning,

but you can start where you are and change the ending.

C.S. Lewis

Remember this as you start each day. We have this moment and the rest of the new day. No sense fretting about yesterday.

This is beginning to sound like a song of the 60's! But it is true.

What I worried about yesterday I either took care of or it will remain in my worry bank. I just need to face it and deal with it, whatever it is.

For me, as we prepare for a one in a lifetime trip with our oldest granddaughters

I was determined Bob and I would have EVERYTHING in order, last word written

for our Last Gift Box. We almost made it. But...

You all know the BUT... Somehow, there is always one more thing to write, one

more item to label, one more document to copy. Maybe that is my reality. I will

always have one more thing because my mind is constantly creating and pondering the future possibilities.

BUT the reality is we have completed nine tenths of everything we had set out to do before flying away. That is tremendous. A real accomplishment and I intend

to celebrate that instead of fretting about the few things still to complete.

What we have done is a fabulous gift to our kids and grandkids. We don't anticipate them opening this gift anytime soon, but should they have to, it is there.

Give yourself permission to change your ending. Don't worry about perfection.

Don't get obsessed with completion. Get started and work on your gift so you will have nine tenths of it complete when you leave on an adventure knowing you only have one tenth left to do when you return. When the whole is complete, go on another trip worry free. That would be a wonderful change.

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