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"All Paths Lead to Home..."

This reminder is in the calendar I am using this year. Thought it is worth sharing.

I can attribute it to Marci of Blue Mountain Press in Colorado.

If only we had a road map to take us through life -

a guidebook presented to us at birth that would show us the way home.

Maybe we do!

And part of the excitement in life is found in learning to pay attention

to all the little signs along the way that point "this way" or "that".

Sometimes when we are searching for an answer, a total stranger may have what we need.

Sometimes when we need a friendly ear to listen as we work out a problem,

the phone rings and brings us a friend!

And sometimes information we are looking for just shows up on a sign along the road!

Have fun as you watch your story being written, and remember...

all paths lead to home.

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