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Wow, that's a hard one to answer.

I'm not a famous artist, writer, politician, world leader.

While I pause to consider my legacy - I suggest you do the same with pencil and paper in front of you to take notes as you consider the following questions.

1. What is the unique gift only you have?

What makes you unique from others in your professional and/or personal live?

2. What are you proud of accomplishing professionally?

(I'm including full time, at home parents and caregivers)

What will your colleagues, friends, family think of your career?

3. How are your values reflected in your work, volunteerism, relationships?

4. What had made your life shine?

5. What challenges have you over come, still struggle with?

6. What makes your heart sing?

7. Where do you go to get recharged?

8. Think of Mr. Rogers - are you a good neighbor?

Are you connected to your community?

9. When people say or hear your name

what is the first word you'd like them to think of?

10. Think of how future generations can connect with what is most important to you - a bench in a park? a scholarship? an ongoing donation to a charity you support? a journal with answers to the above questions? a photo album about you with your words?

Legacy is a small word, but loaded with possibilities.

Just like us!

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