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One must possess a little Faith, a little Moxie and a great deal of Enthusiasm

As I face the reality of my aging, I have choices to make. I can weep , I can collapse after looking in the mirror and not recognizing the senior person looking at me. I can stop exercising because my knee hurts, my back aches, my neck is stiff, my time is slower. I can lazily eat prepared meals in place of my usual home made fresh foods.


I can make other choices to enjoy each day I have with amazement. I am still here, grayer, pudgier, slower and full of ideas and things I want to do. No one said we live life without challenges. That would be rather boring. Life's challenges give us training for what our later years will present. Consider the changes opportunities to learn new skills!

This quote is a great mantra to begin each day -

"One must possess

a little faith

a little moxie


a great deal of enthusiasm"

Go ahead. Have fun. Laugh. Creak. Live.

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