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This getting clutter cleared up and out, going through closets and drawers is so time consuming. I want to be outside. Playing.

But I am in my house going through cupboards selecting duplicate pans, extra vases, plates I don't even enjoy and making piles of things to offer our children with the promise to myself to box up the kids' rejects for our favorite donation organization. Nothing is allowed back in the cupboards.

I am finding it rather refreshing to see space in cupboards that were crammed full of mugs. I hold vases and remember where they came from and what joy they brought. Or I look at these collections of pie tins and wonder how we gathered so many in one house. We couldn't even fill them all on Thanksgiving!

It has been so easy to collect. It is so challenging to declutter.

I am lighter, bolder, courageous

as I see the piles of "to go" items grow.

I'm not done. There are many more doors to open. Many more decisions to make.

But I have begun anew and it is good.

What have you tackled this month?

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