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This is the day we remember, honor, thank our mothers for all they gave us - unconditional love, support, direction, style, education, a periodic kick in the butt to get on with live and not to take ourselves so seriously.

It's also a time to think about our mom's stories and history. Do you know them?

What are your questions for your mom? Is she still here to ask?

Don't wait too long or it will never happen. Then it is too late.

I am the keeper of the family history and that is quite a task. I am also aware of

the missing pieces, little bits I do not know and have no one to ask. What was it like for Mom to grow up where she did? How did she know she wanted to act?

As a child, who were the special adults she shared special times with? What did she really want to do professionally? What was she afraid of during WWII?

You get the idea.

And you have questions of your own.

I suggest you write them down and send them to your mom, her sister, her brother. Find out what you can now.

And if you have children, think about what bits of your history you would like them to know about. How did you meet their father? What did you want to be when you grew up? What was your favorite toy? Did you know your grandparents well?

Be creative with your questions. Take the time to write down snippets of your story. Your children will treasure them. And it is a gift that only you can give.

Enjoy your day and everyday.

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