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Spending time with my aunt and uncle, both in their 80's, was a reminder of the gift of friendship they have shared with us our entire married life. They have always been our mentors, guides, listening posts on this marriage adventure.

They are 12 years ahead of us in this marriage experience, life journey. They have

led by example, laughter, tears and hugs. The connection runs deep.

Last week we visited them and were able to tell them, again, how important their friendship is to us. We laughed at the impressions we had of each other. We relived our young lives with vivid stories. They shared information I had never heard about my grandparents.

We want them to hear from us what we feel in our hearts and don't often say out loud. We made the time to sit and be together because we do cherish each other.

Think of the people that have influenced you. Could be a teacher, a coach, an aunt, grandmother, friend, neighbor. Take a bit of time to write them, call them or visit them. Let them know the way they touched your heart. Give them the gift of your words now while they can hear you. You will give a gift and receive a gift that keeps on giving. The Love connection.

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