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We can't be Peter Pan forever.

Life definitely delivers challenges and we decide how to deal with them. We can ignore them, have a tantrum, pray they disappear, pretend we're kids and it's not our problem, play Peter Pan and fly to Neverland.

Reality is so frustrating. We can't be kids forever. We have to grow up. We have to face life's responsibilities. We as grown ups - that's anyone over 18 - have to consider how we want to deal with our death.

This is the discussion grown ups have. At 18, 21, this is for you.

Most of you think dying and wills and trusts are for your parents -

better yet, your grandparents. Do you ever pause to consider that at 18 only you can make decisions about your medical care? What if you are in a skiing accident,

or hit by a car, or fall off a cliff or get sick? If you have nothing written down the people you trust and love, parents, siblings, friends, can not tell medical staff what you want -----unless you have it written down, signed, legally signed.

It seems harsh to suggest you make these difficult decisions, but I hope you, like my children, will take the time to decide how you wish to be treated should a medical emergency arrive. Or you die. It's what being a grown up is about. Deciding what is best for you and doing it. No one else can.

The Last Gift Box is for you, too. It will be your guide as you decide and write down your wishes.

Then you can return to the fantasy of Neverland.

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