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If worrying about projects - like completing The Last Gift Box - affects your sleep read on.

A new study shows if you get up, write a to do list it helps you fall asleep.

Scientists at Baylor University made the discovery that writing your to do list helps you sleep. They studied students and monitored their sleep.

"Through out the day, we have all these things cycling through our head", lead author Michael Scullin told

"There's something about the act of writing, physically writing something on paper, that helps us hit the Pause button."

I know I have a list mentally charging around in my head and when I sit down and write it out I can see clearly what it is I have to do and want to do. I feel more in control of what needs accomplishing when I see my written list.

The Last Gift Box requires action on your part. There are papers to locate, names to write down. Using the check off lists in the chapters helps, but creating your list of specific items you need to locate gives you a course of action.

Begin with one chapter you are most confident about. Maybe listing your banks and accounts. Write the list of specific information you need.

Begin after a good nights sleep. Or if you wake up wondering what to do,

get up and write that list.

Success comes to those who sleep.

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