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After thinking about what really matters to me as I learn to be a mom to adult children, I composed this letter to them.

1. Always send me a card on

My birthday


St. Patrick's Day

Our anniversary

If you have free time, add

Valentine's Day


2. Don't forget my birthday - a phone call is super

3. Call me with good news as well as when you need my shoulder to cry on or you need to vent.

4. If you ask for my opinion realize I'll give it.

5. Celebrate your birthdays with us even if it's a phone call.

YOUR day of arrival is still so vivid in our mind, and so full of joy, we celebrate you with wonder and marvel at what grand adults you've become.

6. Let us be an active part of your children's loves via pictures you send, facetime, notes. We want to know them and have them know us.

7. Feel free to keep your childhood treasures - at your house!

8. Let us know what you treasure in our house. Be bold and tell us NOW.

9. Learn to budget and talk about money with your spouse or partner.

It is not evil.

10. Share with your children, after you learn, your family stories and history. Ask family members while they are mentally here. Your aunts and uncles have a different story than we do. Ask me, the keeper of stories and photos, about US.

I would like to share your heritage of strong, brave, adventurous relatives with you.

11. Remember the good, fun adventures we had with you when we were all young and we had little money. Money helps but does not make HAPPY.

12. Celebrate off days with us - lunch or breakfast just because. Ask us what we are doing. don't assume you know.

13. Don't be afraid of our LAST GIFT BOX. And please do yours.

14. Exercise, eat healthy, expand your knowledge, find a spiritual practice for yourself.

15. Write thank you notes.

With love,

your mother.

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