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I saw a wonderful bulliten board in my granddaughter's school.

As we celebrate Valentine's Day, wonder how to show our love to those special to us, and as importantly, to ourselves this mindset change may come in handy.

I actually made a copy of this and posted it on my desk, reminding myself that I have the control over how I react to comments, actions and "to do" lists!

Here it is, though the original is crative and colorful -



I don't understand . What am I missing?

I give up. I will use some of the strategies I've learned.

I made a mistake. Mistakes help me improve.

This is too hard. This may take some time

and effort.

It's good enough. Is this really my best work?

I'll never be as smart as her. I am going to try to figure out

what she does and try it.

I can't make this any better. I can always improve; I'll

keep trying.

I'm not good at this. I'm on the right track.

I can't read (write, paint, juggle). I'm going to train my brain to

do reading (writing, painting, juggling...)

This is what I told my childlren and what I wanted their teachers to instill in them.

I think we all know the flip of words can make a difference in our thinking.

I need the reminders as an adult to change my words as I tackle tasks I find difficult or painful or boring.

Even this old granny can relearn tricks to succeed in completing the tasks on my list.

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