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When I am planning a trip I go to Rick Steves - not in person though I feel like we are buddies. I go to his guidebooks. He is a real, live, honest

traveling man. He is an expert in the "How To" of travel.

I plan to be the "go to" guide for how to plan your death. The Last Gift Box is your guidebook. It's real. Discusses the bumps that can occur and how to avoid them. Set up plans for each part of the journey, like Rick. I try to have a conversation with you even if you're not face to face with me. It's for real, people, like Rick's guides are for real people. Travel tips for death.

We know this trip is coming. If it is a trip to Australia we plan, get the passport, pack what we think we need, bring a flashlight, good shoes.

So it is in planning our Death. Look at what we need. We're all different. No perfectly correct way to die just as there is no perfect way to pack a suitcase.

There are numerous ideas of the "right" way, but really, it's the one that works for you.

As it is with Rick Steves. He provides a guide. You provide the unique requirements: humor, energy, maps, tickets.

No different as we plan our death. Do it your way - but DO IT.

Your expiration date is coming.

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