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I am having a great time trying to figure out how to get people to talk about death and dying. I know, it's a challenge. My husband has a hard time with this and he

has to continue to live with me as I chatter about getting our Last Gift Box complete.

"Let's plan our memorial, honey, while we sip this lovely new wine you found."


"How you doing on writing your obituary? Got any new ideas? "

I'm not his favorite conversation partner when the topic strays to writing our plans.

How to make this fun? How to make it less scary?

Ideas we have so far -

Make sure there is the smell of fresh baked cookies when every workshop begins.

Serve old fashioned MOM food - mac and cheese, artichoke dip, meatloaf..

Have a full bar available - not just wine and beer - and champagne.

We should be celebrating our little successes - like opening the Last Gift Box and beginning - with a glass in hand.

I know one group that has Good to Go parties. Cocktails served, potluck, conversation about the hard topics.

Another gathers and always starts with dessert ( that is a good one!) then talks about ways to do death.

Another does drumming. One does singing.

Maybe we could try laughing like the laughing yoga groups.

I know we need to do something to motivate people to come together to work- it is work - on the Last Gift Box and it has to involve FUN.

What are your ideas? What would motive you to come to a workshop on death and dying?

Please help this "Tupperware Woman of Death" as my dear husband so lovingly calls me.


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