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I decided this year to follow my daughter's example. She and her family sit together on January 1 and decide on one or two words that will be their focus

for the year. I always thought it was a great idea, just never did it.

This year is different. I would like to think it is due to all the activities I want to do, the projects I want to complete, the books I want to read, the plants I want to get into my garden - It could be aging and accepting there is a change in my body and mind as the years stream by. It doesn't really matter.

This year I selected my two words and I am saying them out loud twice a day, reminding myself what my Jan. 1 intention was - to focus on 2 words.

Mine are



I figure if I can accept the changes and challenges that are a piece of every day

I will be a healthier and happier person. And I will be more patient with those I love and encounter. I don't intend to roll over and just let things happen. I will accept the challenges, but not let the challenges define me. And I won't lose sleep worrying about them. They will be there no matter what.

Contentment for me is recognizing how grand, wonderful, rich, blessed my life is

right now, this minute. I plan to find that place in me that exudes joy for being alive. Instead of thinking about the "wish I did, wish I could, when will I..." I am savoring the simple and big gifts my life has. Family, friends, electricity, water, food, travel, movies, music... This list could become very long. And it helps me

realize how contented I am. I just need to stop and say it.

I do believe we always have a choice.

In 2018, I

choose to be filled with contentment and acceptance.

What would you choose as your word for 2018?

Please let me know.

I want to create a painting of words.

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