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The Last Gift Box is your way to get prepared for you major life transition -

Life to Death.

It seems daunting but it really is a doable process. Take it step by step.

No need to even think you can manage all the organizing and decision making in one sitting.

Here are a few suggestions:

Utilize the new forms that support each chapter ( available in January, 2018!)

Start the conversation NOW, not when the crisis is overtaking you and all those you love.

The Last Gift Box puts together your plan in an organized way that you can present to your family, doctors and friends

Have a team. Find out what resources are available. There are many, as I have learned. Friends, religious organizations, medical organizations, AARP, funeral services, on and on.

Care for YOU. You need to know you are competent to make life decisions, you need to be clear in talking with family, doctors. You need to take time to ponder the tough questions and make decisions that are right for you. YOU, not anyone else.

This is your life and death you are organizing. YOU can do this.


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