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I wrote this during a difficult time. My husband was in UCSF having surgery that would change our lives. We both acted brave. We both were scared. As I read this today, the words still strike a cord with me. Life isn't easier or harder now

than it was those 23 years ago. Life just is.

This is the season of reflection, merriment, worry, and joy. It is a time of mixed emotions and experiences and expectations. Like life.

Take time to acknowledge your feelings. Take time to balance expectations with reality. Take time to find your joy in this very busy time.

Let me know how you face all Life presents to you. By sharing we realize we are

not alone in our comfusion.

Life is a challenge

meet it

Life is a gift

accept it

Life is adventure

dare it

Life is sorrow

overcome it

Life is tragedy

face it

Life is duty

perform it

Life is a game

play it

Life is mystery

unfold it

Life is a song

sing it

Life is opportunity

take it

Life is a journey

complete it

Life is promise

fulfill it

Life is beauty

praise it

Life is struggle

fight it

Life is a goal

achieve it

Life is a puzzle

solve it

What is life

a challenge

Oct. 6, 1994

sitting in UCSF facing the unknown

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