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I got up early in our very full house to quietly sit alone and read a Mary Oliver poem. What a gift she is to my busy brain. Just look around and savor the beauty, the creatures big and small, the glorious color of the leaves, the blue sky

and be thankful.

I think about the what if's of the future and begin to worry. Now, that is a silly exercise because I have no idea or control over what the future will deliver me.

I am happier, more content and relaxed when I breathe in the joy in the chaos surrounding me. It is wonderful to have children who want to come home. It is fun to play with grandchildren and clean up all the small lego pieces. It is fun to go for a walk and stomp on leaves. It is right here.

Be prepared for emergencies, YES, but don't focus on that. Focus on having fun with the days we have to live our one precious life.

Happy Thanksgiving week.

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