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~Time~ Do not waste your time endlessly navigating the ferocious tides of society's artificial designs do not greet the morning sunrise with regret or a sigh as you sell your soul from 9 to 5 building someone else's dreams in a corporate landmine just to stay alive do not judge beauty on what the media defines to be your primary duty because truly your authenticity exhibits the rarities and beloved ancestry of the tree that will lead you to the roots that bore your story why disguise your glory? do not build your hopes and dreams or grand ideals without first making a deal with yourself to turn them into memories that are real go live out your days with fire in your soul grasping your liberty and building goals that are brave and wild and bold and know no matter what you are told by those with riches to behold ALL of life is precious rich or poor young or old be humble because when you are six feet under when your body meets the coal your story will remain but not your gold and when the time comes by when you must whisper your last goodbyes to the birds the trees and the iridescent skies may you greet your final sunrise with a smile because you lived a life so wild that you are ready to expire © 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

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