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I have the glorious opportunity to be by the sea, alone, for four days with time to nurture my creative self. This is a gift. This is hard to accept. No one is directing my time, my thoughts, my must do’s. I do not need to do the wash while writing a blog while planning dinner while worrying about my children while…

I have no constraints but my own.

This is more than a gift. This is a real challenge.

My daughter said this -

“With doing more, I don't mean getting frazzled. Being monotastic is key to success. To DO MORE means digging in deeper to enrich your own strengths, in order to shine brightest in your profession and personal life.”

What space are you creating for you to dig into the deep wishes you have for your death and dying? How do you give yourself time to think deeply? I’m working on those answers during this time away.

What does it take for you to permit yourself the time and space to find the answers to the questions the second half of The Last Gift Box asks?

“You are your own Inspirator!

Inspiration and motivator, my granddaughter’s creation as the name of my daughter’s business and it fits her and us.


Be your own inspirator for your Last Gift Box.

You are inspired and motivated or you would not be reading this!

Please let me know how you do!

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