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My mom, now 95, wrote this in 2008. Her words reinforce my belief that it is the small things that matter and we need to take time to enjoy them. Hope you enjoy mom's thoughts.

Grandparents – where do they stand?

Recently two things happened that made me realize that you may not be lonely. A grandchild rushes into where you are, your presence, bid you hello and is off running to do these very important things 12 year old boys really have to be doing.

However every so often the fact that they do love you breaks through the mad rush and you realize they do know who you are. In the last few days I experiences a few signs this is true.

My youngest grandson came by my door totally unexpected. He gave me a packet with two eyebrow pencils encased in it. I couldn’t recall telling him or his mother of my privation, but somehow he knew. I thanked him profusely. He stayed until he got restless, then he hopped, mounted his scouter, demonstrated his ability to climb over walls and was off, leaving me feeling better.

In the mail today came a letter from my next to oldest granddaughter, she the wife and mother of two young ones. She is also a media Portland star and is director of Baby Boot Camp where mothers and babies from 2 or so get svelte and fit (mothers) and stretch (babies) exercises without even knowing it (babies).

The letter enclosed an article from the Portland paper written by her explaining how most mothers of little babies don’t take time to exercise and they miss it. It was a common complaint. And so was born, Baby Boot Camp in Portland. I was so grandmotherly proud. She had written another article about the fun she had over the years running with her grandmother, especially in one race in which we both won first in our separate classes.

I paused for a couple of minutes to let the tears flow before the phone rang and a suave gentleman tried to sell me a hose mortgage.

In the mad, mad world around us, we tend to overlook the little things that happen daily and bring a joy to our hearts and a smile to our hearts – Grandchildren.

So the next time I’m complaining about loneliness, best my thoughts turn to the wonderful world of Grandchildren and treasure each one of them.

My blessings.

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