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Be Open to Letting Go

A dear, older friend of mine shared the following story:

An old man and a young man were walking by a river. They are going to cross to the other side.

A woman is on the bank waiting to cross. She is afraid. The old man helps her across the river. He almost drowns while helping her cross. They reach the other side and he sits her down on the shore. She gets up from the bank and walks off, never saying "Thank You".

The young man makes it across the river and he and the old man begin walking again in silence.

Finally the young man says, "She didn't even thank you. How can you be so calm?"

The old man says, "I set her down. Why are you still carrying her?"

Oh, can I identify with the young man. I catch myself carrying the worry, the slight, the injustice I witness my family and friends experience. I want them all to be protected, to be OK.

And I worry for them.

I need to journey with the old man. Carrying the pin, worry, guilt does nothing but give me a backache, headache, heartache.

I'm working on my aging self to walk open, tall and free of pain. Join me?

Please share with me the ways you overcome the anxiety, pain and sorrow that come into your life.​​​​

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