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Joan in Berkeley took The Last Gift Box message to heart!

In the midst of cleaning out our basement's 35 years of detritus as a gift to my children (so THEY don't have to do this) I realized that this "getting rid of stuff" activity has been a gift to myself. Then I saw Emily's Zell's post "Organizing my way back into life" which says it all, beautifully. Another friend, Tina Cole Kreitz, gives workshops and has written a book "The Last Giftbox" that deals with all this "stuff" and how to part with it: timely information that I wish I had paid more attention to twenty years ago!

And Emily Zell's post is The Last Gift Box in action.

READ how Emily has created her happy place in 4 months - and remember - doing the Last Gift Box is not a one day event. Give yourself time and check off each chapter as you complete it. One a week is a good goal.

Enjoy Emily's story.

Hi there,

You may have read my guest post on George Rede’s website, Rough and Rede out of Portland, Oregon. If you do not follow FaceBook, here it is:

I’m doing very well and love hearing from you, if you write back. I totally understand not having time to do that though!

Stay safe everyone and think about all the people who are struggling in Mexico, Houston and Florida. As Trevor Noah says, “Pray, but also send money.”


Let me know how you are organizing your Last Gift Box. I enjoy your feedback.

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