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We need to couple our ideas and history with our children's own dreams and journey. We have years, experience, bumps and bruses. We carry the family stories. We want our children to share in them, love them the way we do, to love what we love, do things the way we do things. We often forget they are on their own journey, finding new paths to travel, creating new dreams.

The frustration of working on The Last gift Box is our desire to make our plans and ideas clear to our family and friends. We want them to understand what we want to occur when we get sick or die, how to disperse our belongings.

We, in our hearts, do not want to hurt anone. We need to ponder the best way to begin the discussion, to address the fears and hurts our children feel.

We have our path. They have their path. We are all on a journey that will end when we die.

We all hope to die calmly and at peace. A smile on our lips and a wave of our hands and a

joyful farewell. We have to work to create that.

The Last Gift Box will support you as you plan your journey.

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