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Slow and Steady

We all get stuck in traffic and have no choice but to slow down. There is no exit. Can't change direction. We're caught in the flow, slow flow. Frustrating flow.

Seems to me when we face difficult but necessary tasks, it is much the same. We get frustrated. We want out into fresh air, fun. But we need to finish the task.

Meet that goal.

We have to get our papers in order. It is a slow and often tedious task. We aren't stopping until this piece of work is done. Our blood pressure rises. We bite our lip. We breathe faster. We feel overwhelmed. Then slowly there is a change in us.

We begin to move. We complete a section. We see a bit of success. We begin to relax.

This describes working on The Last Gift Box. Headaches just thinking about it. Frustration we can't get it done, reach the end. Then progress. One section complete.

Visualize for a moment how you feel entering the freeway with no traffic, zooming ahead, free as the breeze. Smiles. Joy.

Visualize how it will be when your Gift Box is complete.


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