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We women are like birds. We build our nests, line them with downy softness and lay our eggs, hoping, even praying, the creature we’ve created emerges formed mind and body to our earthly specifications. We nurture these wee beings, get them to fly, even push them out of our sweet, loving nest. We know they must take flight to search for their way to develop their mind and body and soul to their specifications.

Watching is a mother’s joy and heart ripping fear.

Today I gather my women children, nieces, to my nest. I hope they will be inspired to continue fluffing their nests so they, too, will have gatherings in the future.

Each will receive a teacup. Simple, beautiful, delicate, breakable, as we women are. The teacups are my mother’s and mine, gifts when we became engage to be married. What an out dated and lovely tradition. Each is now home to water resistant succulents. Reuse my kids call it.

I do enjoy the teacups, a toast to by gone, white glove tea party days. And that is the point. I want to share a part of my life experience with the women following me. I want them to know some of my mistakes, hoping they will avoid those pains so they have room to stumble, fall, pick themselves up and mend their sturdy hearts during their lives.

We sat in our garden. It felt like we were in a nest, intimate, soft, safe. Words flowed easily. Stories were shared. And I got to watch these stunning, brave and strong women share their fears, dreams and victories. I was the elder, sitting back, absorbing the joy. Isn’t that what I wanted when I potted my teacups?

The teacups moved to new homes. The china cabinet is a bit empty.

I am content. Isn’t that the grandest word?

My nest is emptying. Isn’t that our plan?

How do you plan to empty your nest of the treasures you hold?

July 20, 2017

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