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Life begins in pieces

Male female connect

A whole is created

Little Logan,

Our whole new boy,

To be welcomed by

All parts of this grand clan.

My gift to you, wee one,

Is my gift

To all my grand


Pieces of my love

Stitched together

To make a whole.

Pieces of my heart

To wrap around

Your tiny body

To provide warmth, comfort.

Pieces connected,

Stitched as your family

Is tied together,

To encircle you

With love.

Each quilt a story

All reflecting the sea.

Your clan draws strength

From the ocean’s waters.

Your quilt guides you

Find your place in the

Sea of earthly live

Your quilt tells

My wishes for you:

Love nature

Trust the ocean

Let your mind

Explore your world

Befriend all creatures

Travel beyond

Your home shores.

Open your heart

To the glorious world you enter

Feel, always the warmth of the sun

And the everlasting

Intensity of my love.

All these pieces of life

I wish for you.


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