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As we prepare for how we want to die, it is easy to ponder all the things we had hoped to do while we were younger – in our 20‘s, 40’s. 70’s. Humans are great at looking back and wishing for a different picture, never quite happy with the sight they see in the rear view mirror.

I suggest a challenge, a reverse Bucket List. Make a I JUST DID IT list.

What you have done. Where you have visited. Friends you have made.

Successes you have had. Joys that made your eyes tear and your heart beat faster.

I had always imagined I would live and teach in Alaska. I had read Mrs. Mike at an impressionable age and knew it was my calling to live the book, teaching in the outback of Alaska. I also thought I’d hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Those things didn’t happen. But the space they left got filled with some great life events.

There will always be something left undone, some place not seen, some movie missed. That makes getting up in the morning worth it because today may be the day one of the things on my list will happen.

Here’s hoping for the double rainbow. Maybe even a unicorn.

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.”

Rita Mae Brown

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