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Completing THE LAST GIFT BOX reminds me of being stuck in traffic. If you are like me, traffic has become the thorn in your side. It is there. All the time. It is worse. I don't like it and I can't get away from it.

We all get stuck in traffic some times. We have no choice but to slow down and just pay attention. We can't exit, cannot change direction. We are caught in the flow of cars. It is frustrating. And we know where we need to go.

I think it is similar when we face difficult but necessary tasks. We have to finish. We have a goal. It is difficult to get moving. And example is getting our papers in order to work on THE LAST GIFT BOX. Our blood pressure rises at the thought. We are over whelmed with the task ahead. There is no exit. The needed information is not going to organize itself nor will the work get done one its own.

Like the traffic that slowly begins to move, and our headaches slowly recede, when we take the small steps to get our papers in order and begin listing our credit cards ( remember, break the task into small pieces), we feel movement.

The stress is reduced. We can see and exit ahead, a chapter completed.

Completing one small piece of YOUR Gift is like entering the freeway with no traffic. Relief. Joy. It is waiting for you.

Try it! or attend a workshop to get yourself moving in the direction you want to go.

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