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Will anyone I know be happier if I save this?

It's the letters cards, mugs, books.

I'm trying to become a "Death Cleaner" as the Swedish woman writes.

Do you ever begin to de-clutter your desk, clean the junk drawer and discover a stash of old notes you received from friends? Or a pile of book marks gifted you with each new book? Can you toss the piles without checking to be sure no treasure will be tossed that you CAN NOT live without?

That's me. I get rerouted in my decluttering by my memory. That's not a bad thing. I'm glad I still have one. I look at the cards front, remembering events. Inside, the words take me back to wonderful experience and relationships with family and friends. Some I hold and remember a friend or my dad long parted from this earth but I enjoy seeing their handwriting.

As I go through my piles I do decide some can go in the recycle bin and I then feel righteous. One more thing my kids won't have to discard later. Some I hold and want to keep holding a while longer. They survive until the next sort a few months from now.

Then there are those I put in my treasure box (really an old photo box) that I do want my kids to read and learn a bit more about me and their dad or my family. Some are card they gave me and I want them to know I really did love their notes.

I'll leave a note with the box. Permission to recycle all my treasures inside.

I just need a few more visits.

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