The Last Gift Box, A Present to Those Who Follow Me, is your guide to get your life in order, your business aspects like wills, custody of children, animals, your bank account locathion, where you keep your car keys.  Also your guide helps you decide how you wish to die and how you want to be remembered. This is your plan when a major disaster or your death occurs.   It is your last gift! 

This book includes check offs for each chapter, but also fill-in the bland  FORMS TO COMPLIMENT EACH CHAPTER.  This way you can do all your writing in one place, copy it, scan it, send it, save it.  

YOU CAN DO THIS!  It is the best present you can give.

THE LAST GIFT BOX - New Edition - free shipping


    Tina, and her husband Bob, who is now a believer in creating a Last Gift Box guide for their children, are on a mission to convince others to do the same.  It is A Present to Those Who Follow (Them) Me!

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