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What's Your Excuse?

You haven't heard from me in awhile. I have great excuses. Really, I do.

Our neighbors had a party and I had to make some cookies to bring. No time that day to contact you.

I drove friends to the airport so they could go on a winter vacation. No time that day. You know the traffic!

And Christmas cards- took all day (one day) to create them, write the letter to everyone who was waiting with baited breath to hear the synopsis of our year (another day).

Then another day to address envelopes, stamp, write a short note on each letter, stuff the card, letter in the envelope, seal it.

Then I had to get to the post office so the cards would be received within the holiday time frame. That process took three days at least. No time there.

And my brother and sister-in-law came to visit. Since they live in Hawaii and can't just drop in, we wanted to spend time with them when they were here. A few days there for sure.

Wrapping gifts. My husband can wrap but bows are not his talent. I needed to finish up each gift with a lovely ribbion and bow. Hours of time involved.

We must keep traditions alive. As children both my husband and I went to San Francisco to see the sights - The City of Paris tree, the rides on the Emporium roof, the pet shop on Maiden Lane, Macy's Santa and magical windows. We took our children and now we enjoy taking our grandchildren. Of course most of those sights are no longer in existence but we still have to treck to the City and celebrate the few remaining decorations around Union Square. That took hours of planning, driving, parking, fighting crowds, waiting in lines. No time those days to get a blog written.

REALLY? No time?

Of course there is time. It is the same 24 hours each day that we are gifted with each day of each month of each year we live on this earth. It is how we choose to use those 24 hours that changes.

And we decide.

I could have surely found a few hours in the last three weeks to say hello and write profoundly moving blogs. I certainly did in my head. Just never managed to get the words to print.

It is the same with all our "to do" lists. The Last Gift Box is right in there with the other items I must complete some day before I can't remember what it is I want to complete.

I make the time. I don't find time. It isn't hiding. It is there every day.

It is I who decide what to do with it.

My suggestion for you all as we begin another new year - Attend a workshop.

Get yourself motivated to do YOUR gift. Meet others who are as stuck as you are. Create a plan. Have accountability. Feel the success as one chapter gets checked off. DONE. One closet gets sorted. DONE. One person gets contacted about your plan. DONE.

I, too, will reignite my engines and make a plan to stay connected. I will write it on my calendar (yes, I like the old school kind as well as the computer so I have to put pen to paper and look at what I commit to!). We can do this. Together.

Join me. Email me your plan. I really would like to hear how you succeed - each step of the way - until you have your GIFT wrapped up and ready to present.

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