It's My Circus

December 3, 2018

As the season approaches - rapidly - remember this is your circus.

You can control a great deal of the stress and strain.  You can enjoy

the time with family and friends.  Leave your backpack of old hurts and

regrets at the door. 

Take a deep breathe.  Savor the sights and smells.  Recognize all you

have done to make this a "wonderful time of the year' and reach out 

to some one alone so they, too, can feel the magic of the season.


I also take time to pause and realize, this is my circus and these are my monkeys.

I create the kind of circus I want to be master of.  You can too.

Let's try for the jolly, fun, laughter filled, tension tamer one.


At least we can try.  It will make for better memories.




A few of my wonderful monkeys!



Happy holidays

Keep your sense of humor!

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