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“I shall die when all my chores are done”.

“I shall die when all my chores are done”.

New Year. Still here. Same chores. Those of us living to a ripe old age, and that age my friends depends on your age now, have lists and plans, books to read piled up, photos to sort, letters to write. When will we begin? How old are the books? Movies on the list are no longer available On Demand. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the lists. Just Do One List. Like the Last Gift Box, A Present to Those Who Follow Me once in order, it is done. Re check every few years. Change things if your choices change, but the basic structure is strong and compete.

If I get sick tonight, or meet my end in a lightening strike, my Gift Box is there, ready to be used. That is reassuring to me. I plan to live a long and feisty, vibrant life but there may be plans set I’m not privy to.

Just saying, I want my wishes in ink for all to see and follow. I’m off to explore my world with no worries!

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